Argus Farm Stop

Argus Farm Stop

Bonjour, mes amis! In honor of our love for caffeine, conversation, and creativity, my Soul Sister Sarah Wood of Oats & Woes and I have decided to embark on an adventure, but not just any adventure: we aspire to locate the best cup of joe in the hip city of Ann Arbor which we both call home currently, while establishing deep compassion and connection with ourselves and our life purposes along the way.

In addition to nourishing our bellies with mug after mug of coffee, we want YOU to be apart of this journey. We know how hard it is to locate the perfect coffeeshop corner in which to finish up that English essay or the inviting spacious area where you can catch up with your closest gal/bro pals, so we are here to facilitate your search. You don’t need to waste your whole weekend reading through Yelp reviews to find your place in AA. Ain’t nobody got time for that!

With these aspects in mind and a semester of school here at the University of Michigan ahead, we will take you with us on a caffeine journey

Thus let the Cup of Joy journey begin!

(Sarah of Oats & Woes) On the crisp morning (okay, 1 pm) of December 1st, Maddie and I ventured to the West Liberty Location of Argus Farm Stop as the first stop on our grand Tour de French Roast, cafe exploration extravaganza. On the grand pursuit of a #CupofJoy, we bounded into the cafe, ordered one almond milk latte (Sarah) and one matcha latte (Maddie), and perused the premises. On our way to the communal sitting in the greenhouse, we passed through the quaint grocery section that holds a surprisingly large quantity of fresh and organic produce, baked goods, and food products. They carry many vegan options (love u @TastyBakery and @JuciyKitchen) and the honeycrisp apples were phenomenal. Something about the worn wooden picnic tables made me want to call every friend I have ever had and host a book club in the space.

Maddie speaking! As Sarah mentioned, the book club-like atmosphere was unequivocal; in fact Sarah and I had our first meeting for our 2-person book club in that very lovely greenhouse. We had a wonderful conversation on the power of  acting on our ambitions to create “optimal experience,” inspired by our first read, Flow, by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi. Argus Farms thus deserves credit for being the birthplace of our small but mighty literature gang.

In the foodie department, Argus Farms earns an A+++. Think indoor farmers market. The produce section of the shop contains a bounty of strictly local goods, including my beloved Toledo based Kombucha company, Boochy Mama’s, and the freshest of hand baked pastries. I swear the hands of an angel crafted the beautiful parisian pastries displayed within their overflowing bakecase.


Address: 325 W Liberty St

Ann Arbor, MI  48103



1) Coffee selection: They have a wonderful selection of espresso drinks, brewed coffee, tea lattés, and tea sachets. Non dairy milks are also available for a few cents extra.

2) Overall Ambiance: The atmosphere of Argus farms is nothing short of welcoming; The greenhouse offers wonderful natural light and the workers behind the espresso bar never fail to deliver the kindest of smiles and suggestions if you are chronically indecisive as I (Maddie) am.

3) Snack offerings: Argus has the most wonderful array of pastries one could imagine. In addition, I would recommend going from 10-11 am on any day but Wednesday or Thursday, as the most adorable woman parks herself outside the shop, selling her blissful cinnamon rolls and english muffins, made with her own sourdough starter. Within the produce area, there are also yogurts, kombucha, and premade salads from Juicy Kitchen available if your stomach needs a lil’ nourishment.


4) Lingerability: The greenhouse is a bit tight, but every time that I have visited, there has been a spot available to me to plop down and work away on my laptop.

5) Workability: The warming greenhouse is a cozy place in which to work. I love plopping down in the vegetable patterned upholstered chairs with a mug of tea or coffee to finish an essay. There are plugs available, but I would recommend charging your laptop beforehand, as the little space can get crowded as the morning progresses.


6) Community: Not only is the greenhouse space especially cozy for afternoon studying, it is also open on Sundays for yoga classes at 6pm. The practice is available to everyone by donation. Sarah and I will be checking this out soon for ourselves and will report back!

7) Seating space: There is one couch, three chairs, and two large picnic tables that could hold probably 8 people each at comfortable capacity. The walls of windows and airy space makes the space feel much more expensive than the actual square yardage, comfortable instead of cramped.


Alrighty coffee lovers and joy soldiers alike, Sarah and Mads signing off. Until next time. 

With love (and coffee),

Maddie + Sarah

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