Bonjour, C'est Madeleine

Bonjour, C'est Madeleine

Inhale, exhale. This is a big step for me. A giant leap that I have been preparing to take for quite some time, but the moment has finally arrived. A name change is upon this blog and my whole online identity. 

I’ve struggled to come to terms with the concept of rebranding. My mind has been in constant worst case scenario mode: no one will want to follow me anymore; no one will recognize me; everything that I have worked so hard to achieve in my blogging and instagram endeavors be washed away by the sweeping waves and strong flow of social media. 

During these times I must stop and return to reality. Of course these situations are possible, but they are not absolute truths. Perhaps some will disapprove of the transition of this space and choose to spend their time elsewhere. But I know that those who have been there from the beginning will understand my evolving identity and support my decision, even if it takes some time to get used to a brand new name. For that’s all it really is! I am not changing my entire disposition! This blog here has been in constant transformation this past year with a transition from a strict food blog to a more fluid lifestyle blog, one that encompasses everything from my daily thoughts to my new adventures around the world. It has been a long time coming, but as I progress into my college years, the present moment seems utterly right to make this bold move. 

The Dancing Foodie is a different Maddie. It is one that served its time and purpose, but like all things in life, it is time to lay it to rest. After many restless nights filled with interminable brainstorming sessions, I have decided upon C’est Madeleine for the new name of this blog and my instagram identity. In french, the name literally translates to “It’s Maddie,” a title that I think will serve me well into the future. 

I cannot wait to see what unfolds in these next four years, and I hope that you will chose to follow along with me.