Being Original is Hard

Being Original is Hard

And by hard I mean nearly impossible.


I remember my dad repeating the notion that absolute originality is beyond our reach as human beings throughout my younger years. The thought that every idea that ventures into my brain has already been pondered thousands, if not millions of times, used to discourage me. I mean why try if everything’s already been done?

Now that is the question of the century, my friends. Throughout my adventures of the philosophical and woo-woo world, I have begun to rather like the old adage my dad would tell me rather than despise it. There are trillions of people on this Earth and there have been countless humans before us, so it only makes sense that someone has already had oue idea or created the same invention we swore was completely our own. The cool aspect, though, is no one has ever shared the exact same perspective and experiences with that idea as us.

In my mind I envision the universe as a ginormous windstorm of ideas, all of them zooming past our heads every second. In order to grasp an idea, we must all take our own approach. There are those who will endlessly chase the idea down, and others who will cleverly set a trap, and still some who will sit idly, patiently waiting for the idea to float into their lap. Although these ideas have been around since the beginning of time, we will all catch our genius through different means. And that, I believe is what is truly original. 

So next time you feel like you’re copying someone and get discouraged that you’re just another hipster wannabe, embrace it. Give credit where credit is due, but know that what you have curated from seeking inspiration from others, whether that be an oil painting or your instagram feed, is still uniquely yours. You’re not perfect and you’re not orginal. So what? You are simply exercising your creative muscles, and along the way you may just stumble across your own sense of creative identity. In the meantime, though, watch others, imitate them (thanking them for inspiring you, of course), and never stop creating. You might not be the one and only person doing what you’re doing, but you’re doing it your way. And that’s pretty dang awesome.